Knight Online
The beta period has ended. - 16/10/2021 11:00
Knight Online Classic Deimos server official opening today (16.10.2021) at 21:30 (GMT+3)
Knight Online Classic is coming soon beta testing. - 28/09/2021 18:54
Reach for your favorite weapon! Strap on your trusty armor and prepare youself for the biggest and most Chaotic war in Online-RPG !!!.
Are your ready to lift up your blade? Have you prepared your battle spells? Are you ready to war? Imagine yourself in full battle armor! Imagine yourself setting up your siege engine ready to lay waste to your sworn enemy's castle! You and your army ready, willing and hungry for blood and victory!
Knight Online Classic Beta Deimos server open a 01.10.2021 21:30. (GMT+3)
Community forum and discord have been activated. - 23/09/2021 09:30
Official forums and discord are active. You can interact with other players, you can make comments, suggestions and bug reports.
Community Forums - Discord
Project: Knight Online Classic - 12/09/2021 17:34
We strive to bring back the old days. Very soon we will share the time of our beta server with yours.
Please check back our site frequently.
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